Nice Snowpiercer | 077

Sean and Jack discuss transport, psycho-social geography and rail guns. Could trains be more left wing? Could we imagine a “nice” Snowpiercer (2013)? ...View Details

Sean and Jack discuss free choice in a deterministic universe, the fetishisation of the individual and whether Mr Bean is an alien.  --- Support us on...View Details

Home A Clone | 075

Sean and Jack discuss the existential nightmare of clones to shed light on falling birthrates globally. --- Support us on Patreon (only if you can!): ...View Details

Sean and Jack discuss hustle culture, social surveillance and the construction of “adulthood”. --- Support us on Patreon (only if you can!): patreon.c...View Details

Sean and Jack discuss Jonathan Creek, police and the philosophical arguments for repression. --- Support us on Patreon (only if you can!): Details

How can we overcome despair, doomerism and The Fear to face the challenges of ecological disaster? Jack interviews Mathew Lawrence, founder and Direct...View Details

Snooze | 071

Sean and Jack talk about the politics of sleep and how the 9-to-5 model limits our health and learning.--- Support us on Patreon (only if you can!): p...View Details

How does the ideology of big tech insulate and sustain itself despite serious mounting criticisms? Sean interviews Wendy Liu, software developer, writ...View Details

Is The Dunk Good? | 069

Sean and Jack discuss KFC Weddings, the dangers of swans and the discursive value of The Dunk. --- Support us on Patreon (only if you can!): patreon.c...View Details

When Preston was abandoned by both government and big business, they community found ways to create and democratising wealth at a local level. Jack in...View Details

BigCoin | 067

Sean and Jack talk about huge currency, economic myths, the cognitive dissonance surrounding political violence and the benefits of using a cherrypick...View Details

Mind Crimes | 066

Sean and Jack talk about how mindfulness and meditation practices are used to control workforces, hypnotism’s role in crime and law enforcement and th...View Details

Democracy | 065

Sean and Jack talk democracy, takeaways, and the benefits of a randomly selected house of lords with a maximum term of six minutes. Sean does a deep d...View Details

Grub | 064

Sean and Jack explore how our relationship with food is shaped - some might say damaged - by market forces. How has Stressbrain Moneytown distorted ou...View Details

The Old Internet | 063

Sean and Jack consider whether they have nostalgia for The Old Internet because they are part of an aging generation of millenials hurtling toward irr...View Details

Jack talks to Philip Proudfoot founder of the Northern Independence Party, the new democratic socialist party founded in 2020 to fight the iniquities ...View Details

One Neat Hack | 061

If you could go back in time, who would you kill? If an AI is going to inevitably wipe out humanity, should you devote your life to creating it? Sean ...View Details

End Of Year Q&A | 060

To celebrate the final breaths of a miserable year, we’ve invited our listeners to ask us any question their imagination can summon up. Jack and Sean ...View Details

Cringe Guys | 059

The 21st century saw the rise of the politics of cringe. Sean and Jack excavate some cringe campaigns to learn valuable lessons about the future of cr...View Details

Whip out your skills wallet and ensure your CV is up to date. Sean and Jack explore how the distinction between “skilled” and “unskilled” work hides t...View Details

Sean speaks with Matt Colquhoun about postcapitalism, left melancholia and communists advertising kit kats. Matt, also known by his blogging alias Xen...View Details

Sean and Jack consider how to imagine an alternative to capitalism by exploring our relationship with the Xenomorph, the Terminator and TikTok Teens w...View Details

Jack interviews Siobhán McGuirk about the how money is made in the global asylum industry. Siobhán McGuirk is an anthropologist, journalist, curator, ...View Details

Just what is art? Is a tree an art? Is beyblade art? Sean and Jack are joined by arts and culture correspondent Jain Edwards to unpick the sticky stat...View Details

Sean and Jack go “boots in” on billionaire head of the Virgin empire, NHS suer, tax exile, coup enthusiast, horny boomer and knight of the realm Sir R...View Details

Sean and Jack talk about how games teach us how to behave within a narrow framework based around destroying our friends and reveal a possible solution...View Details

Sean Morley and Jack Evans return in the Season 2 premier of Mandatory Redistribution Party. This episode is about why baby boomers are so overwhelmin...View Details


Mandatory Redistribution Party is the radical left podcast from comedians Sean Morley and Jack Evans.

The final episode of season 1. Originally broadcast live on twitch featuring special guests, Jack & Sean's leftist gamer bootcamp and a look back ...View Details

Disarmed by a reassuring Helvetica font, Jack downloads his consciousness into the cloud and must confront the implications of the technological singu...View Details

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